Ryan Madej

Ryan Madej is an author of fragmented, experimental auto-fiction, whose first novel THE THRESHOLD & THE KEY was recently published by VOIDFRONT PRESS. An Edmonton-based author with another book slated for publication and a few other projects in the works, Ryan's fiction jumps boundaries between fractured memoir, mystical history of his hometown, Borges-influenced literary criticism and ruminations about astrology and the occult, giving the reader glimpses into parts of the prolonged dark night of the soul, shaping him into the self-reflective and self-reflexive author he is continually striving to become. Ryan's work will appeal to fans of existential, experimental novels, to those who enjoy works blending fiction and non-fiction techniques into unique and highly personal mosaics, for fans of the Latin American boom or the French Noveau roman.

Enjoy our talk with Ryan below:

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