Jase Daniels

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Jase Daniels is a UK based artist drawn to the realms of Dark Art and Biomechanics. Jase uses many different mediums to explore these territories and concepts.

He studied Animation at Surrey Institute of Art and design, graduated with a degree in 2006. Jase was Awarded Undergraduate animator of the year by The Royal Television society a few years earlier and
had his first worldless graphic novel, “The Grubby End” published in 2009 by Crossing Chaos. He’s collaborated with and provided illustrations for several other titles and has had his art work displayed all over the world, most recently a solo exhibition in the UK in 2018. Recently he self published an experimental comic called HOGS and has plans to self publish a collection of his drawings before the end of 2019.

Inspired by their acceptance and adoption within the music industry, Jase became interested in using computers to create visual art, producing a series of “digital sculptures”.

When not creating art, Jase likes to wrestle cats and eat chocolate buttons.

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If you love Jase’s work, make sure to check out his etsy shop where he sells lots of cute and creepy critters.

Jase tries to release a new, interesting doodle every Monday (like the ones seen below), so make sure to follow ARTUS and Jase’s art page on Facebook to see the newest ones.

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