ARTUS values autonomy and understanding; an important part for any individual to feel safe and free to make the choices they consider best for themselves.

Respecting individual autonomy is something ARTUS is passionate about. Whether it is valuing a persons efforts and labour or allowing individuals to make decisions about their own body and life, respecting autonomy is an important aspect of living a life where one can minimize suffering.

Creation Rights
People who put time and labour into producing something are entitled to receive the appropriate value in return for what is produced. Whether it is in the workplace or something artistic such as music or paintings, each person deserves the value of their work. In addition, each person deserves to keep the rights to their work.

Artists having to give up control of their own ideas and masterpieces is an ongoing problem. The person who creates something is the owner of it and that should not be taken from them. Decisions on artistic direction, changes, display, and more should be up to the artist, and action should be taken against those sampling their work without permission and compensation.

The Right to Die
An uncomfortable topic for some, a lot of us here at ARTUS support a persons decision to end their life. No one can judge anyone else’s suffering and pain because only that person can evaluate the pain, how it effects their life, and if it is worthwhile. It is up to the individual to decide if their life is worth living or if they are done all they need to do here and want to move on. In addition, just existing can mean contributing to suffering around you, such as animal exploitation, climate change, and more so it would actual contribute to helping the environment, reducing suffering overall for the sufferer and those who are effected by the sufferer, and there would be savings in healthcare that would not be needed to force someone to stay alive who is ill or suffering. The idea of forcing someone to live who does not want to be here any longer is horrifying; our lives are the one thing we have control over and should not be meddled with by other people, especially strangers who are facing the issue with a lack of empathy towards the sufferer.

An important aspect of autonomy is free speech, something you could read more about on our free speech page under our values. You will also find some worthwhile organizations listed that that protect personal liberties and freedom of speech.

Sex Work
Sex workers are fighting not only to be treated like any other person who is doing hard work, but are also fighting decriminalization and stigmatization of the sex industry every single day.

Criminalization of the industry creates an unsafe and unregulated environment for all of those involved.

Organizations and Charities

Alzheimer Europe
A not-for-profit working to promote a rights based approach to dementia. They take on the difficult job of understanding and regulating the ethics involved in regards to the autonomy of someone with dementia.

Death with Dignity
An American based organization whose mission is to ensure medically assisted death becomes available in all states and to spread education regarding the need for access to it.

Dignity in Dying
Based in the UK they are fighting for medically assisted death to be taken seriously and become legal for UK residents. They also have a separate website for Scotland.

Dying with Dignity
A Canadian organization working to make medically assisted death more accessible to those who need it.

International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers
As the world’s leading network of authors societies they represent more than 4 million artists around the world from all artistic repertoires. They work to protect the artists interests.

Maggie’s Toronto
A Toronto sex workers action project that offers support to current and past sex workers. The offer counseling, workshops, safe spaces.

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