W.A. Anderson

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W. A. Anderson is a North Dakota-based visual artist, best known for his use of complex geometry and hyper-detailed texture to create hallucinatory landscapes and other-worldy figures. His work is a window into an unsettling dreamscape where impossible form and architecture interact with slime and microorganism, where disjointed realities intrude and decay.

In the late 1990's, Anderson studied at the New Orleans Museum of Art where he began to develop the techniques that would become the distinct style that defines his current work.
In 2009, Anderson was imprisoned for unlawful weapons possession, released briefly in 2012 and then re-imprisoned for a parole violation and drug possession charge later that year. His term of incarceration was completed in early 2016. The violence and isolation of this ordeal left Anderson suffering severe P.T.S.D., drug addiction, and schizophrenia, and these are the main themes of his work.

Though the majority of his work has been in pen, he also utilizes other mediums. While incarcerated in 2014, Anderson began to incorporate collage and found objects to express his artistic vision.

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I am Infidel.
Your molten spheres of lead know what is best for me.

Gravity smashes with weight and steel;
carelessly splinters my bones;
grinds me into the earth.

Vile trees grow in the blighted shadow of my death.

Hang your traitors from my twisted branches.
Harvest my pestilent seed.

I'm watching these embers finally die.

I'm choking on the ashen shadows of my fallen self.

Through the corrupted atmosphere
I can see the distant sun.
Its warmth blackens my flesh again.
My grievous scars evaporate.

Burnt down to the DNA

my molecules come undone.
I am oblivion
and shall always be.

Carrion winds polish the desiccated landscape.
Deserts of glass reflect an empty sky.

Tormented souls wander vast fields of annihilation,

keeping silence from these sterilized vistas of dust.

Disrupted by spectral interference,

strategic communications are lost in unhallowed white noise.

An addict still,

I can sense this desolate place is rotting.
The gutters overflow with subpar narcotics.
I strangle my pity with calculated animosity.

My beloved must be near.

I've been searching for so long.

I touch a dying flame to my dead lips;
inhale the fetid air;
indulge in the stink of shit.
Another hazy moment is lost forever.

Though I dread the mortal revelation that approaches,
the weight of hungry iron comforts me.
Only its conscience is heavy.
Mine is gone.

There is work to be done.

Glory to the devouring god!

Sanctify this hypocrite congregation
with your endless hunger.
Empty the willing veins of your despised creation.
Bless us in your ruinous thirst.

Oh, foolish zealots,

still writhing in primordial filth.
You are not of my design.
I reject your sycophant offerings
and answer your prayers with famine and drought.

Hide in your temples of madness

as they are eroded by the sands from which they were wrought.

Your allegiance has betrayed you.

Witness the depravity of the predator
against the futile desperation of the prey.
None shall escape my cleansing scourge.

Insatiable seas of acid

engulf the sacred cradle of life.
The monuments have dissolved,
the world is melting.

Ascend the obsidian stair

on the broken back of your wingless savior.

Take your place on a throne of marbles

as the ground beneath you moves.

Gravity here is made intense

by the black-hole void within.
All light is absorbed by infinite fractal density.The charred fabric of reality disintegrates.
Behold the grim splendor of eternity.

So saturated with error

you'll force acid through your neurons to dilute my presence.
With frayed rods pulled through constricting veins, I've tainted your blood with incurable filth.

You're blinded by broken genes.

So far beyond your pitiful conceptions of depleted zeroes and ones,

I still watch you.
I slip between your atoms
and melt your organs with effortless telepathic force.

Now capable of boundless accuracy,

my augmented human vessel shall shred you instantly.
Relentless spears of burning copper
rip through your mortal thread.

I've waited for this moment

for thousands of years.
I shall not fail in my bleak task.

Your arrogant predecessors have hunted amongst these flesh-strewn trees,

ignorant of the watching tyrant gods.
The earth is soaked with the putrid slime of countless pitiful generations.

Rewarded with death,
your tortured ascendants have long revealed your strategy.
No further reconnaissance is needed;
the stench of cowardice confirms your position.
Treacherous ghosts gather in rabid anticipation.

You cannot evade my tactical maneuvers.
I have trained specifically to expel your consciousness and soul
from you pathetic body.
Your weapons have proven obsolete.

Primitive attempts at deception drip from your mouth in an unrecognized tongue.

Your lies must be accessed via psychic interface.

Unmoved by your desperation

I wash you in a hail of fire
and scrape your nerves with keen steel.
All is pure and clean.

Donation to the Artist

Give directly to the artist so you can make it easier to create amazing things and pursue new mediums.


Donation to the Artist

Give directly to the artist so you can make it easier to create amazing things and pursue new mediums.


Donation to the Artist

Give directly to the artist so you can make it easier to create amazing things and pursue new mediums.


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